Creatures and Magic: Sparks of the source
Hi! I've been thinking about name of the game for a long time
The name should fully reflect the meaning of the game...
And it should be simple... I called the game Creatures and Magic...

One of meanings of the game is to make friends with creatures!
There will be a lot of them... Wolves, big cats, dragons and many different creatures that you can only imagine! Even artificial intelligence...
It will be possible to go through adventures with them, take care of them, and give them what they want!

A large number of unique magic, skills, abilities and spells...
Character can combine them and create his own style of game.
This is another purpose of the game, an independent choice of your path!

And one of the main goals of the game is to solve the mysteries of the world!
The game will have many different worlds (flying islands in outer space)
One of the islands will be the birthplace of the main character
He will have to unravel what the world is like...
Discover that there are other worlds (flying islands)
Travel between them and find the history of each of them
Its a role-playing game with a beautiful world, a good story, leveling up your character, the ability to tame animals, and control them, including playing for them :)

With your support i will be available to:
- add new animals
- work with nice ideas (as supporter you can offer gameplay elements, character abilities and spells)
- pay for professional animation and models
- expand the physical and graphical model of the game (such as adding realistic fur to animals)
For correctly understanding such a different material I need some help by other professional modelers, animators and artists. So I need to compensate their time and efforts, as well as I have to compensate partially my own time, also my expenses for web and examples. Besides, I've included fees and currency exchange rates from available payment methods since it cut approx. 10% of income.
Для корректной работы с проектом мне потребуется помощь профессиональных модельеров, аниматоров и художников. Помимо времени приглашенных помощников, я вынужден частично компенсировать и собственное время, а также затраты на создание сайта. Кроме этого, мне пришлось учесть и комиссию за сборы со всех источников, из-за которой мне в итоге после сборов\конвертаций поступает меньше, чем было отправлено.